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    Participatory Design of Learning Analytics

    Workshop Session Monday 5 March, 2018

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Participatory deisgn and co-design in learning analytics

Learning Analytics (LA) design is often guided by researchers and faculty members with limited contributions from students. Using Participatory Design (PD) to open the design process to students, tutors, designers and faculty members can bring benefits to LA in terms of setting the right context where LA tools will be used, aligning the intended outcomes with users’ expectations or keeping stakeholders as active participants. An overarching concern is how to allow all stakeholders to participate in the design process while keeping the core principles on using data to enhance learning experiences.

This workshop aims to bring researchers, students, tutors and designers together to explore the potential of Participatory Design within learning analytics, get in touch with current tools and techniques and provide participants a basic grounding in principles of Participatory Design practices.


The session starts with an introduction to using Participatory Design in developing learning analytics solutions, pointing out the potential for this emerging field. As part of this introduction, organizers will provide some examples using current case studies as a medium for explanation. In this first part of the session, participants will discuss any challenges they face in learning analytics design and their interest in using Participatory Design.

After a brief introduction on Participatory Design practices, participants will be invited to explore some examples emerging from the community during the Poster and Demo session. This time will be used as a space for participants to show additional material to present current research work in the field, demonstrations and networking (Coffee break).

The final activity is a hands-on exercise where participants will learn about current tools and techniques and work in groups to apply these in a real-life context. As the workshop takes shape we will look for opportunities to potentially involve students, for instance research students and learners attending other events at the conference (such as the hackathon). Participants are encouraged to invite students with an interest in learning analytics.

At the end of the session, participants will share their designs and discuss any challenges they experienced in using Participatory Design tools and techniques. After sharing their results, space will be provided for discussion, conclusions and sharing of possible ways to implement Participatory Design in their current projects. As the workshop takes shape we will look for opportunities to involve students. Suggestions from workshop participants on ways to involve students are welcome by email to CarlosGerardo.PrietoAlvarez@student.uts.edu.au before 18 December.

Time Activity
9:00-9:30 Introduction, benefits, challenges and potential for co-design in learning analytics.
9:30-10:30 Examples and case studies from current PD projects.We encourage participants to share current problems and ideas to develop through this workshop.
10:30-11:00 Posters and Demos during our Coffee break.
11:00-12:30 Hands-on workshop. Provide participants with guidelines and recommendations for incorporating Participatory Design in current tools and techniques.. Share design outcomes and discuss their application to current and future projects. Last 10 minutes: workshop summary from the workshop by host.

Goals and themes

  • Introduction to core principles of Participatory Design

  • Get in touch with current tools, methods and techniques

  • Design your own learning analytics projects using PD

  • Network with current PD practitioners


Carlos Prieto
PhD Student, University of Technology Sydney
Theresa Anderson
Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney
Roberto Martinez
Research Fellow, University of Technology Sydney
Jen Mcpherson
Academic Director, Macquarie University
Mollie Dollinger
PhD Student, The University of Melbourne
Kirsty Kitto
Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney

Call for papers : Submission deadline Dec 18 2017

We invite practitioners and researchers to submit short papers (no more than 4 pages) describing their current research on Participatory Design for learning analytics design in response to our call for papers. Submissions may include authentic classroom examples, work in progress, or experimental approaches connected with any of the three themes of the workshop. Successful short paper authors will present a poster or a demonstration during the posters and demos activity.

Call for papers